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Your district is only as strong as

Refreshing & evolving health and wellness within and beyond the classroom.

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When working with your districts, together we can achieve...



Quality of Work

Happiness in the workplace is not just about having fun, it’s about the quality of your work and the people you work with. Happy employees are more creative and produce higher quality of work, which contributes to competitive advantage for their organization.*




Our tools and resources equip your faculty and staff with effective and tangible strategies to support student wellness with the goal to enhance each student's academic availability to learn.




We will deep dive into how interpersonal effectiveness skills not only shape our role and dignity as a leader, but preserve our rapport, approachability and trust with our teams.

Stronger Teams. Stronger Students. Stronger Leaders. 

*Quality of Work Study

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Needs Assesment

The mission of our in-depth audit is to bring awareness to your district’s resources and areas of concern by highlighting the structures, programming and voices within your school community. Our audits vary and explore program fidelity, student retention and progression, employee engagement and fulfillment, supervisory and administrative cohesiveness, etc.


The Audit

Together, we will deep dive into your district and discuss all areas in need of restructuring, modifications and support. Together we select which audit is fitting for your district’s needs:

Community Wellness

The purpose is to bring in community voices into district, administrative and instructional decisions and discussions. By exploring the dynamics of the community- we bridge the gap between home and school, all while bringing attention to the value of building, sustaining and advocating for communicative, engaged and safe communities.

District Wellness

The purpose is to introduce, build and sustain a dynamic tool box of wellness initiatives derived directly from the district needs with the goal to enhance overall student wellness, improvement in academic availability and cohesiveness in peer to peer relationships.

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Employee Wellness

The purpose is to explore the dynamics of the employees in the building; their needs, concerns, and obstacles that interfere with their instruction. In order to ensure academic success and top-tier instruction for students, these assessment’s intention is to observe, listen and engage with the source itself; faculty and staff.



Once the audit is complete, our team with them analyze and evaluate the assessment to compile a formal diagnosis; student regression, decreased academic and social retention, lack of student wellness initiatives, low employee morale, inaccessibility to district resources, inadequate programming, etc.


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With our diagnosis, Circuit Consulting, LLC, will generate a thorough action report of thoughtfully designed programs and series of  intervention and prevention strategies as recommendations for your districts.

Our Resources

Our Action Report will be compiled of all internal methods and strategies your district has the resources and means to develop and implement. In addition, we will also develop a recommendation manual of our resources that pair to your diagnosis; Specialized Professional Development, Parent Workshops, Community Partnership Introductions, Specialized Clinical Training and continued consultations.


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Meet The


Stephanie is a Licensed Master Social Worker in both Connecticut and New York. Stephanie earned her Bachelors in Social Work and minored in Psychology at Siena College. She furthered her education at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work where she received her Master of Social Work degree. Stephanie has extensive experience within and beyond the field of social work and has served as a clinician in a variety of therapeutic and organizational settings. Stephanie has served as a School Social Worker for several public school districts in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. She has expertise in understanding the dynamics between students, parents, teachers and their community with her unique approach when advocating on behalf of her student’s rights and access to education and wellness in an academic setting. In addition, Stephanie also serves as a private therapist and clinical strategist in Northern Westchester County. Stephanie founded Circuit Consulting with the goal and commitment to create realistic, applicable and informative professional development opportunities that will shape and transform workplaces, wellness and teams.

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