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Your business is only as best as

Refreshing & evolving health and wellness in the workplace.

You might not realize it, but these problems are likely hiding under cover in your business…



Burnout is a quantifiable and measurable condition that often affects the people you work with. It can also hurt your business. The cost of burnout includes absenteeism, cost of employee turnover, poor quality of work, and increased risk for litigation.


Employee Conflict

Employee conflict in the workplace can have a negative impact on employee productivity and the overall culture of your organization. Learn how to identify conflict, prevent it from happening, and how to handle it when it arises.


Low Morale

Low morale in the workplace can cause not only lower productivity, but also a decrease in culture. Employees that are happy enjoy their work and see it as an opportunity to succeed, rather than a chore to get through.

…this and more could be plaguing your business’ growth!

Thankfully, when these issues are properly addressed, you can expect…


Higher Productivity

Happy employees are productive employees. Everyone wants a work environment where they can feel good about coming to work each day and enjoy the work they do.*




The most successful companies value their employees and take the time to nurture their growth. When the company culture can be described as 'home', employees spend more time with your company, and less time job hunting.**



Quality of Work

Happiness in the workplace is not just about having fun, it’s about the quality of your work and the people you work with. Happy employees are more creative and produce higher quality of work, which contributes to competitive advantage for their organization.***

Think of it like optimizing ergonomics for the mind!  

*Higher Productivity Study

**Employee Retention Study

***Quality of Work Study

Office Meeting

How It Works

Our Needs Assessment utilizes a simple yet highly effective process that is backed by professional expertise to strategically and realistically optimize your business and teams.



The diagnosis is a crucial part of the improvement process, so we'll spend plenty of time with your team to understand the problems you're facing, and the goals you'd like to achieve. Once we've identified these areas for improvement, we'll drill down into each problem until we find its root cause.


Action Report

Our report summarizes your company’s strengths and areas of concern, your overall business strategy, and recommendations for making immediate and tangible improvements.



Training sessions are designed to help you learn specific skills, or expand your skill set. Training comes in a variety of formats and duration; some may be as short as one hour, while others could run for several days.

Office Meeting


Meet The


Stephanie is a Licensed Master Social Worker in both Connecticut and New York. Stephanie earned her Bachelors in Social Work and minored in Psychology at Siena College. She furthered her education at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work where she received her Master of Social Work degree. Stephanie has extensive experience within and beyond the field of social work and has served as a clinician in a variety of therapeutic and organizational settings. Stephanie has served as a School Social Worker for several public school districts in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield County, CT. She has expertise in understanding the dynamics between students, parents, teachers and their community with her unique approach when advocating on behalf of her student’s rights and access to education and wellness in an academic setting. In addition, Stephanie also serves as a private therapist and clinical strategist in Northern Westchester County. Stephanie founded Circuit Consulting with the goal and commitment to create realistic, applicable and informative professional development opportunities that will shape and transform workplaces, wellness and teams.

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